We protect your companies from financial and reputational harm.

We monitor business operations in real time

Can I do business with this client?

Sedol is the one-stop online compliance service

SEDOL Business Benefits

Avoiding Financial Fraud

  • Sedol’s database is vast, consisting of over three billion profiles, all of which can be accessed by a mere click. Before getting into a business transaction with a particular individual, a Sedol search can be most helpful.
  • Sedol collects and integrates information from a variety of sources, merging them together and creating a profile that is as accurate as possible.
  • The tiniest red flag in the data would light up for you and give you the opportunity to get your guard up against any possible mischief. You could then conduct further investigation into the person through personal means; Sedol’s job isn’t to lawyer you up for a court of law but simply to highlight the irregularities.